Palaeographia Britannica, Number 1, 2 & 3 (1743, 1746 & 1752), WITH Palaeographia Sacra, W/ Account of a Large Silver Plate. W/ Account of a Roman Temple. W/ Answer to Remarks upon Dr Stukeley. W/ Reply to the Peevish, Weak, and Malevolent Objections brought by Dr Stukeley

STUKELEY William 1687-1765. PARKIN Charles 1689-1765

8 titles bound in 1, 18 pls. A wonderful collection of uncommon items. In contemporary calf, gilt edge tooling some marks. Crudely re-backed, no title. Internally, Palaeographia Britannica: or, Discourses on Antiquities in Britain, Number 1:…

£2200 | Published: 1743 | Publisher: R. Manby